What I'm doing now

What I'm doing now
Photo by Zoran Borojevic / Unsplash

While scrolling through hacker news, I stumbled upon this article, and it got me thinking, should I make my own "now" page? After some reflection, I decided to go ahead with the idea, and here's my now page.

Freelance work

I'm continuing to work as a freelancer for various clients, installing NewRelic and doing some DevOps work too. You can find me on Upwork by the way! 😄 (That's all for self-promotion, I promise)

I'm also considering if I should switch to an agency model. Most clients stay with me even after the initial NewRelic installation is complete and usually requires some maintenance from time to time or some expansion of the scope.

Some personal projects

I started to work on a small project for a link-shortener service (here an alpha alpha.coz.jp). While doing that, I'm also perfecting my self hosted production environment with traefik and docker compose.

Work life

Started to receive first satisfactions from my day-to-day job recently. Some projects are finished, in time and with a good result, while others are in progress or starting. It's nice to be able to work on modern technology and be able to switch projects sometimes. It's also nice to be in a company that seems to recognise and put my talent to use.

Personal life

Everything seems fine, in the last months I even managed to lose weight and be more active than before, all without doing anything too strenuous like dieting or excessive exercise.

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