How to update Dokku

How to update dokku easily? You can update dokku easily with a one line command. Find whis command on my guide

How to update Dokku
Dokku Paas is available on github and this screenshots show some of the stats of the repo
This short post is part of a series of small bits on frequently asked questions about the tech I use.

This first post of the series explores how to update the useful dokku software.

CLI command to update dokku

The fastest way to update dokku is to use the dokku-update command like this:

 dokku-update run

Depending on your dokku installation, it may be required to run it with sudo as it updates apt packages.

Also, please keep in mind that it rebuilds your apps after updating dokku to take advantage of any new buildpacks that were released since the last update.

For more extended instructions and instructions for manual updates, please visit on the official documentation site

The last version of dokku can be found on github releases, and today is: v0.30.7

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